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Summer semester 2015-16: Torsion homology growth

§ Seminar Overview 
This seminar course is a graduate student seminar in advanced topology. The main topic will be torsion homology growth for 3-manifolds. Namely, for a random 3-manifold, we will be interested in how fast the torsion homology of a tower of covers can grow with respect to the degrees of the covers. You can find the details in the attachment here. 
The format of this seminar will be of a block form. This means that all the talks will be given within one or two weeks toward the end of the semester, and throughout the semester you have a chance to learn the material.

This seminar will be organized jointly by Ursula Hamenstädt and Mark Pedron.

§ Registration 
The maximum number of participants is limited to a small number. So, if you are interested in, please act fast. To register for the course, you need to email to Mark Pedron with your name and the program which you belong to. This must be done by the end of February. It would be helpful if you let us know what your general research interests are. 

§ Organization 
The organizational meeting will take place at 10:00-12:00 on 11.04.2016 at room N0.003 (Mathematiches Institut, Endenicher Allee 60). 

§ Schedule 
Tuesday(28.06.16)       14:15-18:00 (3 talks by Silvia, David, Matthias at 
Seminar room 0.008)
- Wednesday(29.06.16)   9:00-12:00 (2 talks by Mark, Thorben at Lipschitz saal)
- Thursday(30.06.16)      9:00-13:00 (3 talks by Davide, Esmee, David at 
- Differentialgeometrie(07.07.16)  16:30-17:30 (by Thorben at MPIM Lecture hall)