Research Group

KAIST 수리과학과 기하위상수학 및 기하군론 연구실 페이지입니다. 
저희 연구실은 삼성미래기술육성재단의 후원을 받고 있습니다. 
Welcome to the webpage for my research group on Geometric Topology and Geometric Group Theory. 
Our research group is supported by Samsung Science & Technology Foundation.

Current Members 
연구 책임자 (PI): 백형렬 Hyungryul Baik, Assistant Professor (KAIST)
- 김경로 Gyeong-ro Kim, PhD student (KAIST) 
- (입학 예정) Philippe Aurelio Tranchida, PhD student (KAIST)

(2017.9.28) Prof. Baik got a research grant from Samsung Science & Technology Foundation (KAIST). 
(2017.8.30) Prof. Baik was selected as a Posco Science Fellow by Posco TJ Park Foundation (Press, KAIST).