KIAX Summer School 2018

KAIST Advanced Institute for Science-X (KAIX) will host its first thematic program this summer. As a part of the program, there will be a summer school on mathematics in June. This year's theme is "Introduction to the recent developments in PDE and Topology, and their intersection." Topology session will be organized by me, and PDE session will be organized by Prof. Soonsik Kwon.

Topology session's title is "Topics in Geometric Group Theory".
PDE session's title is "Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations". 

Now here are more information about the topology session of the summer school. 
One can also take this officially as a course in summer semester of 2018; 
MAS481(25.481): Topics in Mathematics I<Topics in Geometric Group Theory>. 

All talks will be at the building E6-1, Room 2413. 
The schedule is as in the table below. 

  June 25June 26 June 27 June 28 June 29 July 2 
9:00-10:30  BestvinaBestvina Bestvina FujiwaraFujiwara Bestvina
10:30-12:00 Bestvina Bestvina Bestvina FujiwaraFujiwara Bestvina
14:00-15:30Koberda Ohshika OhshikaKoberda 
15:30-17:00 Koberda Ohshika OhshikaKoberda 

Mladen Bestvina (University of Utah) 
Title: Introduction to Out(F_n)
Abstract: The following topics will be covered. 
1. Stallings folds and applications. 
2. Culler-Vogtmann's Outer space, contractibility, and consequences for Out(F_n) 
3. Lipschitz metric on Outer space, train track maps and growth of automorphisms.

Koji Fujiwara (Kyoto University) 
Title: Group actions on quasi-trees and application.
Abstract: A quasi-tree is a geodesic metric space that is quasi-isometric to a tree. 
With Bestvina-Bromberg, I introduced an axiomatic way to construct a quasi-tree and group actions on it. 
I explain the basic of it, then discuss some applications including some recent ones.

Kenichi Ohshika (Osaka University) 
Title: TBA 
Abstract: TBA 

Thomas Koberda (University of Virginia) 
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA 

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