Conferences/Workshops Organizations
2015 Dec. 3-4, Geometric Group Theory in Bonn II, University of Bonn. 
2014 Jun. 23-27, What's next? the mathematical legacy of Bill Thurston, Cornell University, local organizing committee.

Conferences/Workshops Participation
2015 Dec. 15-17, Karlsruher Weihnachtsworkshop on Geometry and Number Theory, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany. 
2015 Sep. 7-12, Manifolds and Groups, Ventotene, Italy. 
2015 Aug. 17-21, Dynamical Developments: a conference in Complex Dynamics and Teichmüller theory (Hubbard fest), Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. 
2015 Jan. 11-17, Young Geometric Group Theory IV, Spa, Belgium. 

2014 Mar. 27-30, G^3 conference, Pensacola, USA. 

2013 Oct. 21-25, Topology, Geometry and Group Theory, Informed by Experiment, ICERM, Brown University, USA. 
2013 Aug. 27-31, Geometry and Groups after Thurston, The Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. 
2013 Aug. 12-16, Geometric Topology in New York, Columbia University, USA. 
2013 Jun. 24 - Jul. 5, Physics and Mathematics of Link Homology, CRM, Montreal, Canada. 
2013 Mar. 18-22, Hot Topics: Surface subgroups and cube complexes, MSRI, USA. 

2012 Oct. 22-26, Lipschitz metric on Teichmuller space, AIM, Palo Alto, USA.
2012 Jul. 1-21, PCMI Summer School in Geometric Group Theory, PCMI.  
2012 May. 5-9, Topology festival, Cornell University.  
2012 Apr. 5-8, G^3 conference, Pensacola beach.
2012 Mar. 3-4, The Redbud Topology Conference, Oklahoma State University. 

2011 Sep. AMS Sectional Meeting, Cornell University.  
2011 Apr. 2-3. Ninth Annual Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Conference, Michigan State University. 
2011 Mar. 17-18. FPSG '11 Finitely Presented Solvable Groups Conference, The CIity Collge of New York.
2011 Mar. 24-27. The Triennial Ahlfors-Bers Colloquium, Rice University.  

2010 Oct. 9-11. Approaches to Group Theory (Ken Brown's birthday conference), Cornell University. 
2010 Sep. 24-26. Geometry and Analysis of Riemann Surfaces and Their Moduli (Scott Wolpert's birthday conference), University of Maryland. 
2010 Aug 2-4. Workshop for Young Mathematicians in Korea, KAIST. 
2010 Jun. 26 - Jul. 17. Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics of Character Varieties, IMS, Singapore.
2010 May 7-10. Topology Festival, Cornell 2010 Apr. 11-13. Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Physics (A conference in honor of Len Gross).
2010 Apr. 10. Mathematics and Design Workshop, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA. 
2010 Jan. 11-13. The 8th KAIST Geometric Topology Fair, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea (Jan 11-13, 2010).  
2010 Jan. 7-8. Invitation to geometry for undergraduate students, KIAS, Seoul, Korea.