Juan Alonso (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Lucien Clavier* (Deloitte Luxembourg)
Sanghyun Kim (Seoul National University)
Thomas Koberda (University of Virginia)
Ahmad Rafiqi (Cornell University)
Eric Samperton (UC Davis)
Chenxi Wu* (Rutgers University)
Ilya Geckhtman* (Yale University)
Ursula Hamenstädt (University of Bonn) 
Sebastian Hensel (University of Bonn) 
David Bauer (University of Bonn)
Thorben Kastenholz (University of Bonn)
Mark Pedron (University of Bonn)
Daniel Valenzuela (University of Bonn)

This is a list of people who have co-authored at least one paper with me.
Their affiliations may not be up-to-date but listed at my best knowledge.
* means those who shared office with me at some point.