Juan Alonso (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Lucien Clavier* (Deloitte Luxembourg)
Ilya Geckhtman* (Yale University)
Ursula Hamenstädt (University of Bonn) 
Sebastian Hensel (University of Bonn) 
Sanghyun Kim (Seoul National University)
Thomas Koberda (University of Virginia)
Bram Petri* (MPIM)
Ahmad Rafiqi (Cornell University)
Jean Raimbault (University of Toulouse)
Eric Samperton (UC Davis)
Chenxi Wu* (Rutgers University)
David Bauer (University of Bonn)
Thorben Kastenholz (University of Bonn)
Mark Pedron (University of Bonn)
Daniel Valenzuela (University of Bonn)

This is a list of people who have co-authored at least one paper with me.
Their affiliations may not be up-to-date but listed at my best knowledge.
* means those who shared office with me at some point.